Help wanted: Topic for my Blog?

Choosing a Blog Topic

Choosing a Blog Topic

I have to choose from a bunch of topics for my blog and need your help. How to choose my topics? How to structure them in WordPress? Which are too broad and which too narrow?

I started to publish a daily post on WordPress 2 days ago. I want to think about the topic of this blog and discuss it with you below!

I want to […] discuss it with you

One or more topics?

I have a bunch of topics I’d like to blog about, but I’m not sure how well they fit together. The Topics I’d like posting about are:

  • Digital Creation
    • Development
      • Giving general overviews, comparisons and advice (I’m a Generalist in this topic, a jack of all trades)
      • Game Development
      • Tools and Libraries
      • Software Design
      • My personal Projects
      • Development-Process and Project-Management
    • Blogging (I don’t have much experience. This is my third post. But this topic is what currently drives me around.)
      • Tools, Libraries
      • Technical Tricks
      • Workflows

Topics and their connections

Topics and their connections

Above, I already built up a small taxonomy of my topics. I’m not sure, if I have to say enough on each of the topics, on a daily basis. Many of them are related to each other, but not all of them. For example there are Tools and Libraries for Game Development. But Project-Management isn’t very related to Blogging.

What do you think?

This blog post is not about finding your personal preference in any of the topics above. It’s about finding objective reasons to choose from the topics.

Stated this, I’m interested in your tips, what topics to choose, or how to choose them. Can I use them all? Should I focus on one and only bother about the other topics, if they concern my main topic?

not about finding personal preference

It’s about finding objective reasons

Narrow vs. Broad

Narrow Topic

Narrow Topic

I could use a very broad topic (Digital Creation) or a very focused one (My personal Projects).

I already read a blog post concerning how narrow or broad a blog should be. I guess I’ll start out broad and over time I’ll specialize more. But I’m kind of generalist and like to be one. Is there a way to specialize on being general? Currently I have no Idea how to do so, do you have one?

Is there a way to specialize on being general?

WordPress integration

WordPress gives the opportunity to use multiple Blogs, Categories, Tags and a Navigation. How should I split up my topics? Lets assume I’ll post on each of the topics above. What’s the best option?

 1 Blog > Categories > Subcategories

  • 1 Blog: Software
    • 1 Category: Development
      • 1 sub-category for each sub topic
    • 1 Category: Blogging
      • 1 sub-category for each sub topic

 2 Blogs > Categories

  • 1 Blog: Development
    • 1 category for each sub topic
  • 1 Different Blog: Blogging
    • 1 category for each sub topic

Something else

How to integrate topics into wordpress?

How to integrate topics into wordpress?

Or even something else? Hoping for your help.

It’s your turn

Please give me advice below. I’m thankful for every piece of it.


Best regards,



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