Rules for my Daily Posts

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Rules for my Daily Posts

To raise my public presence I start blogging today. For this reason I’ll post something on a daily basis. I came up with some basic rules to ensure a frequent delivery and minimum quality for my own daily posts.

Hello Worldpress!

Recently I recognized, that all big players in the area of software engineering, have a strong public presence. Since I want to become one of those players one day, I start Blogging today. It’s a little against my nature to write blog articles, because I prefer short meaningful words above redundant excessive walls of text. To practice this babbling, which I’m not used to, I decided to write a daily short blog post of relatively low quality. So here we go!

all big players […] have a strong public presence

I don’t know what to talk about in this post or how to start this, so I’ll just write down a few thing that come to my mind and hope some structure builds up. Ah… there is my topic:

The basic rules for my daily posts

Daily posts shall not cause debilitating effort to write.

Daily posts shall contain one and only one topic.

Daily posts shall contain different levels of details.

Low Writing Effort

Daily posts shall not cause debilitating effort to write. The main purpose of the daily posts is to give me some routine and practice in writing. The actual content is secondary to that goal. So they must stay in a format, which is not demotivating to write. Instead they must be simple and fun to write. If breaking any of the following rules is necessary for that, they must be broken.

routine and practice in writing. The actual content is secondary

One Topic

Daily posts shall contain one and only one topic. Less topics are not possible. More topics should be split up upon more posts. At least for the daily format, since I want to keep the posts short and quickly finish writing them. An overview of different topics can also be a topic

Adaptive Content

Daily posts shall contain different levels of details. I don’t like to read walls of text, without knowing  what I’ll read about. Propably most people don’t. So I do it like most new papers and scientific papers. Besides the main text content, which is the highest level of details, some time and thoughts must be spend on the other levels. The post title must catch the purpose of the post as good as possible. A short abstract, at the beginning of the post summarizes the whole post, including conclusions. Splitting the text into topics and subtopics further summarizes the content. Quotes of major Ideas and picky sentences are highlighted somehow, to give a first impression of the writing and argumentation style.


Daily posts shall have at least one picture. I don’t like to read walls of text. So I need pictures to make them more enjoyable. Also pictures are more catchy, when sharing the posts.

To be continued

Since rule #1 also applies to this post I’ll complete the rules later.


I made up some rules or guidelines for my own daily blog posts, which were not completely be applied to this post itself.

It wasn’t that much fun to write this post, so I need a lot more routine and practice. But this can only be achieved by continuing writing tomorrow. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

cu tomorrow,


PS – 6 weeks later: After writing posts at a high frequency, I finally decided that one post a day is way too much effort for a secondary hobby. What I underestimated before was, that lots of the effort is not only in writing, but also in creating images, correcting grammar and wording, publishing in the social networks and formatting stuff as I want it to look. Anyway I found my routine and fun in this hobby and will continue writing on a less frequent basis.


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